Visual Note
Check the video before proceeding with the installation

1 - power button
2 - microphone slot
3 - USB magnetic connector
4 - blue led
5 - red led
6 - green led
7 - led lamina socket
8 - adhesive
9 - reset button
Visual Note
  • Charger/cable connection included. The package includes a USB cable for battery charging equipped with a magnetic anchoring system (3) between the cable itself and the micro USB connector. If the connector is accidentally bumped, the magnetic connection allows the cable to be detached without causing any damage. If necessary, you can remove the connector mounted on the Controller and use a normal micro USB cable for charging.
  • Battery/Charging: fully charge the device's battery before first use. While charging, the red LED is on. When the battery is fully charged the red LED turns off. For good battery longevity, it is advisable to avoid discharging it completely. The battery is completely discharged when, after pressing the power button, the green LED does not illuminate and does not flash.
  • Switching on/off: to turn the device on, press button (1) for at least 2 seconds; if you do not press it long enough, the LED will turn on and then off immediately afterwards. Try again by pressing for longer. When the device is turned on in stand-by, all the LEDs on the foil flash at a low brightness. To turn off the device, simply press the button (1) briefly.
  • Auto-off: the device automatically turns off after 5 minutes in standby without a Bluetooth connection.
  • Effects mode: you can turn on the light effects mode without using the APP. Turn on the device as in step 3. Wait 2 seconds after turning it on, then press button (1) again for at least 3 seconds; once the button is released the device will go into effects mode, displaying the first effect on the list. Press the button (1) briefly to cycle through the effects. To exit the effects mode, press the button (1) again for at least 3 seconds.
    NOTE: the device cannot be turned off in effects mode.
  • Led Controller:
    Green Led:
    not flashing: device on;
    flashes 15 times and then turns off: auto-off for low battery.
    Red Led:
    not flashing: battery charging
    flashing: maximum battery charging time exceeded. Check the power supply and/or contact support.
    Blue Led:
    flashing: connection with APP active.
  • Download APP: proceed to download the free APP using the QR code printed on the package or directly from the store (APP Store or Google Play). Enter the registration credentials you used on the site or register as a new user. Launch the APP, turn on the device, the connection is automatic and the icon at the top of the APP will turn white while the blue LED will flash on the Controller.
  • Tablature File Download: after registration, "Use Your Tabs" will appear on the site at the top right of the page. Use this interface to upload your own tablature files that will immediately be available in the APP in the "Use Your Tabs" section. The APP reads the main tablature formats (GP3,4,5).
  • Music Responsive Effects: some of the effects in the effects section are Music Responsive, meaning they react according to ambient sound. Play around with them! NOTE: if your microphone is overly sensitive or not sensitive enough, adjust the Gain and/or Filter in the APP settings.
  • Tuner: to tune your guitar, connect it to an amplifier and proceed with tuning.
    NOTE: if your microphone is overly sensitive or not sensitive enough, adjust the Gain and Filter in the APP settings.
  • Reset button: in the unlikely event of a malfunction, press this button with a thin point to reset the device.
  • The removal tool is used to detach the Controller from the foil: be careful, it must only be used for product support
Only if strictly necessary it’s possible to disconnect the Led Lamina from the Control Unit.

Take the appropriate tool supplied inside the package and proceed as follows:
  • Insert the tool with the flat part towards the back of the headstock making sure you have inserted it between the connector and the led strip
  • Gently push forward the tool until the lamina detaches from the connector.
    NOTE: the operation if not performed correctly could damage the device.
Visual Note
Visual Note